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Welcome to Year 12 Specialist Maths!

Holiday Homework–

  • Learn exact values for special angles for sin,cos and tan.
  • Learn derivatives and anti-derivatives listed on the handouts provided.
  • Complete the following questions from chapter1–Ref. Essential Specialist maths textbook

  1. Ex1A – Qn’s3onwards
  2. Ex1B – Qn’s3onwards
  3. Ex1C – all
  4. Ex1D – all
  5. Ex1F – Qn’s2onwards
  6. Ex1G – Qn1RHS, Qn2RHS, Qn3onwards
  7. Ex1H - all
  • Correct your answers and submit in a plastic pocket on the first lesson back.

Be prepared to start work on the first day back so bring your equipment to class.

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